Al & Joe Rios at a show

About was created in 2001 by Albert (Al) Rios to help promote the art works of Jose Rios, to help this artist/painter get back into society as a productive member. For the complete story on how this artist/painter but his life back together with the love of his art works, daughter, family and friends; read the biography page.

There was a need to tell the story of his comeback from years of homelessness to his first solo show at a New York City Gallery. It was also a way for Al to help his brother by showcasing his art work and tell his story online.

Al Rios is the creator of which was also created to help the Puerto Rican Painters showcase their works of art to the online art world. While researching the Puerto Rican Painters Al discovered there was scattered information on them online but there was no one place which showcased their works of art and the creativity that is a part of the Puerto Rican culture. We are all born with a creative side all we need to do is discover it and help it to grow. For more on Al Rios visit his page.


The goal here is to help Jose Rios and other artist painters like him to show case their creative side and help it to grow. No one person can do it along.
The Puerto Rican is raised with family values that we can rely on the family core to help us when it is needed; not to depend on it but to know that family is there when needed.
Join the Family of artist painters, get to know them and watch them grow both on this site and on


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We ask that if you know of an upcoming show or exhibition; send us the information so we can market /include it in our shows page. We welcome the assistance to grow our family of artist, galleries and other venues which help to promote the arts. Contact us tell us what you think and would like to see on the site...

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